About MoeTronix


MoeTronix was conceived in the 80's as a few friends sat around in a bar discussing how we were all going to start our own companies, invent the next big thing to change the world, and marry super models.  Somehow the next Monday morning we always ended up sober and back working for boring companies going nowhere.

After pursuing the normal electrical engineering career path for the last 20 or so years, it was time to make a change and set sail on my own.

MoeTronix is a small development company specializing in hardware and software designs utilizing unique components and ideas.  We specialize in small projects that are not economically attractive to large companies or that do not have a large market audience.

There are a lot of small project ideas waiting to be nurtured into feasable products and that is the mission of this company.  My primary specialty is in the land between hardware and software.  Being able to understand both hardware and software issues allows MoeTronix to put together unique designs incorporating leading edge hardware components and the software to bring them to life.

2014 -- MoeTronix is now basically retired.  I only take on projects that are low stress and interesting.

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