Old WinPSK Program

(Version 1.2 4-14-00)

This is the last version of WinPSK that will not use the new PSKCore DLL. It may still be of some interest since the source code for low level DSP functions is available.

WinPSK evolved while experimenting with DSP on a PC soundcard. This program was not intended to be a full-featured program for serious PSK31 use, but rather as a learning tool for those interested in the "inner workings" of a functional PSK31 program. This program, it's source code, and a companion document "WinPSK Technical Reference Manual", should be of some use for someone who wants to improve upon and create a full featured version.

The program is free. This version will no longer be supported in any way now that version 2.0 is available.


Revision History( from latest back to first release):

Ver. 1.2 Maintenance release 4-14-00 (Last release of non-PSKCore DLL version)

Bug fixes:

Fixed QPSK lsb problem when not using Maximum likelyhood detector

Fixed Pin out error in PTT circuit diagram in the help documentation

Ver. 1.1 Maintenance release 1-23-00

Bug fixes:

Fixed FFT amplitude scaling problem

Fixed Fast DemoMode CPU %use bug

Fixed "About Box" text problem

Functional Changes:

Added Narrow AFC mode after Transmit to reduce freq drift

Added Setup links to Window's Mixer audio level control

Changed CW ID speed/spacing

Added Local Time option


Ver. 1.0 Initial non-beta release 12-30-99

Bug fixes:

Fixed missing characters at end of TX

Made AFC smoother

Fixed screen maximize restoration problem

Fixed UTC date problem

Fixed problem if Tune button was double clicked

Changed CW ID spacing

Fixed display zoom problems

Fixed(by removing) the memory resource display problem.

Fixed problem of version number in registry key

Functional Changes:

Changed FFT size to 2048 making updates faster(.37 Sec)

Zoom limit reduced to 10

Removed useless signal views(3D,I/Q,eye,large vector)

Rewrote waterfall display for 10x speedup, made color, and bigger

Changed test mode to demo mode and added fast option

Added option to turn off tx text echoing in rx window

Removed QPSK lsb mode box and moved lsb select into setup

Increased macro text size to 2K

Placed Macro title text on button and made button larger

Changed UTC time/date format

Added means to measure and adjust soundcard clock frequency

Added an input overload message to spectral displays

Added CPU too slow message in signal displays

Ver. 0.4 beta release 12-20-99 (fixed accent chars, redid macro buttons, added 'start' keyword to macros)

Ver. 0.3 beta release 12-19-99 (fixed Font save, text size limits on macros, redid string save, macro title area larger)

Ver. 0.2 beta release 12-17-99 (fixed extra 'dit' in CWID")

Ver. 0.1 Initial beta release 12-16-99

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