VersaBeacon Project

This page is not maintained and is here for historical reference.  The project is way out of date and has been abandoned for now. 

This paper was presented at the 2004 SVHFS Conference in Atlanta.

This project began as one of those "Here's a neat chip, what can we do with it?" conversations and grew from there.  The heart of the beacon is a relatively new Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) chip from Analog Devices.  The original idea was to use some of the unique features of this DDS chip to implement a simple FSK441 Meteor Scatter beacon. From there it turned into a much more capable and "versatile" signal source.


The VersaBeacon is a frequency agile, modulation agile RF source using a DDS chip and minimal support circuitry.  It covers a frequency span of 1MHz to 150MHz in 1 Hz steps and provides a variety of modulations including:

Here is the conference paper in .pdf format(~1MB)---   VersaBeaconProject.pdf

Beacon PIC firmware source code(uses CCS PIC C compiler)---

VersaLoader Utility for downloading code and data tables into the Beacon--

Utility to create various data tables and help screen. (exe plus VC++ 6.0 Source Project)

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