(Yet Another) Stand Alone WSPR Beacon Project
( Last Update 2012-4-08 )

The project has been abandoned for now due to lack of time and interest. 

This project is a stand alone(no PC)  2 Watt WSPR beacon designed with the idea to be solar powered and unattended in remote or mobile location.  The following features are implemented:

Ver 1.01     Preliminary User Manual

Rev 2       WSPR Beacon Schematic

Rev 1   WSPR Beacon PA Schematic

Rev 1.01  WSPR Beacon Firmware Source Code

block diagram

Key Components:

Initial Prototype board set:

Band Module

Main Components
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Typical Spurious Output Plot in 1MHz bandwidth. 
1 Mhz Plot

Typical Phase Noise Plot in 100 Hz bandwidth.

Harmonic Plot of 20m
(Since LP filter is >60dB, these harmonics may be generated from inline coupler diodes or coupled from the module connector power pin)


Harmonic Filter Sweep
harmonic plot

RS232 Serial Terminal Session

Overnight Testing Beacon on 20m with Vertical Attached to Deck

bcn test
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Current Status:
Next Steps: